Touring Australia

Among top rated tourist destinations, Australia is one country that offers a lot of attractions to potential tourists. Being such a large and diversified country, it is quite difficult to make a list of places that are good tourist attractions. Both natural locations and human settlements offer a lot of content, which makes it hard for tourists to choose a destination or make a travel plan.

Australia should also be high on the list of tourist interested in angling. The wide variety of fish species makes it quite an attractive proposition for even inexperienced beginners. Deep sea fishing is also possible, including any fishing charter arrangements. Interested in Portland Bluefin tuna charters at Unreel Fishing Charters? Look no further!

Whether you are into angling or not, check out at least a few of these destinations if you intend to have the best travel experience. Most of these places are quite famous (and maybe you already included them in your travel plans!):

  • Sydney Opera House – One of the most famous landmarks in Australia and perhaps, of the entire modern world, the Opera House is the creation of architect Jørn Utzon. This work of art hosts various performances throughout the year, and you might just be able to attend one of them. While the Opera House if the main point of interest, the entire town of Sydney is good for the variety of attractions available, like the ferry cruises.
  • Great Barrier Reef – The Great Barrier Reef is not one of the seven natural wonders of the world without a reason: seeing it in person is more than enough to confirm this fact. Being the largest coral barrier system in the world, this place is home to a wide range of living organisms, and it is possible to arrange for scuba diving sessions if you want to see the aquatic life close up. The nearby town of Cairns should be a nice enough place for your stay, and has enough travel facilities.
  • Melbourne – Australia’s second most populous city is the place to visit if you are keen on knowing more about Australian lifestyle and culture. A perfect place for any of your shopping needs, as well as the need for fine food, Melbourne is also a good place for deep sea anglers interested in finding charters. Fishing charters in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay are quite common and easy to find.
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock) – The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is home to the Uluru sandstone rock formation. The best time to watch the rock formation is during the sunset. Watching the transition of the sun transform the rock formation into a distinct red hue is something that is truly engraved in the mind of every visitor who manages to catch this moment. Apart from Uluru, there is a lot to see in the park, including painting, caves and natural springs.
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