Many Engineers Have Different Fields

Engineering or the field of applied sciences is considered to be that branch of technology which deals with the designing and building of structures, machines and engines. This indicates a very broad field with a number of disciplines associated with it. Hence today there are many different types of engineers each specialising in a different field.

Traditionally engineering was divided into civil, mechanical, electrical etc. But on hindsight it was found that these fields were too broad. In fact highly specialised people like the marine engineers and hydraulic engineer in Sydney etc., could not be justifiably placed into any of these fields. Hence engineering was again divided and currently has as many as 40 disciplines associated with it today.

Different types of engineers

Even though it would be difficult to list down so many engineering fields, but there are some of the common and important ones have been listed below.

1. Aerospace engineering which involves the designing and successful launching of aircrafts, spacecrafts, satellites, missiles and any other craft launched into the atmosphere or outer space.

2. A hydraulic engineer is concerned with using gravity to cause movement of water, sewage and other fluids.

3. Automobile engineering deals with the designing, development and production of vehicles such as cars, trucks etc.

4. Agricultural engineering which involves developing technologies beneficial to the agricultural systems or agribusiness.

5. Biomedical engineering is concerned with patient improvement and medical healthcare.

6. Computer hardware engineering which is concerned with the designing and successful development of computer hardware like CPU, motherboard, hard disk etc.

7. Marine Engineering deals with the designing of the mechanical systems that form the core of marine vessels like ships, tankers and submarines.

8. Civil engineering deals with the designing and construction of buildings and other structures like roads, dams, bridges etc. Structural and architectural engineering also form a part of this with drafting services Australia

9. Electrical engineering as the name suggests deals with the development of equipments and devices which harness and utilise electricity such as motors, radars, power transmitters etc. Different types of electrical engineering include electronics, mechatronics, robotics, microelectronics etc.

10. Chemical engineering deals with the application of different principles of science from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology to find effective solutions for technical problems. They are thus also known as the universal engineers. There are many different aspects to this type of engineering like paper engineering, materials science engineering, engineers involved in sustainability designs etc.

11. Mechanical engineering deals with the designing, development, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical drafting. Biomechanical engineering is a subtype of this.

12. Environmental engineering deals with improving our environment and also with the environmental impact of humans on the planet as a whole.Today there are also some degrees which combine management with engineering resulting in a new field known as the engineering management degrees and the MBA engineering degrees. Another new field is geotechnical engineering which deals with everything connected with geology. Some of the different types are petroleum engineering, geological engineering, nuclear engineering etc.

There is little doubt that engineering is a very vast field and with highly specialised in fields being developed every day, the time is not far when engineers will rule every aspect of our lives.

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