Diaper Choices: Disposable or Reusable?

For first time parents, the choice of nappies seems to the hardest to make. From the eco friendly bamboo nappies to disposables, there are many brands to choose from. There are many suggestions to go about choosing a nappy type. Parents can buy several styles and designs and try them out, or look up online for natural baby products. It might also be useful to ask friends and relatives about the nappy choices they made for their babies.

Surveys have shown that trust in brands is one of the biggest determinant factors when choosing diapers. This is why Gaia bamboo baby wipes and nappies are so popular. Brand loyalty and trust is followed by cost and environmental factors when buying nappies.However, making the nappy choice is not a straightforward process for most parents. Many other factors come into play. Many parents like to choose between disposable and cloth nappies. There are arguments for both choices, depending on the cost, convenience and comfort for the baby. When considering cost, parents have to understand the numbers. Babies stay in nappies for as long as 24 months, sometimes even longer. With nappies changed at least 6 times daily, the price for disposable nappies can rise to hundreds of dollars. Reusable nappies in comparison are much less expensive & can be used for longer by using biodegradable baby wipes for the large family.

However, people still use disposable nappies for the convenience. They are especially useful in outdoor situations as they do not have to be washed. Nappy laundry services are reducing the burden on reusable nappy parents, providing efficient cleaning and replacement services.Comfort and fit is another important factor. Most disposable nappies should fit snuggly around the baby. It is important to note the fit of the waist area and the leg holes. They should not be too tight and make the baby uncomfortable. There are different brands available, and this might result in a fair amount of trial and error before finding the right fit. Some are not stretchy enough and snap, while others might be too tight.

The comfort and fit situation with reusable nappies is much more flexible. There are many design and size options, so it is easy to find one that fits the baby. The cheapest and easiest to fit are the terry cloth nappies. These are square shapes and can be folded to fit the baby. They are the cheapest of the bunch and easiest to use. They are fastened using safety pins or grips. There is also the option of pre-folds, which are designed to fit into a waterproof cover. All-in-one diapers are already shaped to fit the baby and all that is required is the outerwaterproof cover. Another variation of the all in ones has a pocket between the leak proof layer and the inner softer fabric. It is in this pocket that an absorbent layer is inserted.The main concern with the disposables is the environmental impact. However, due to the demand for organic baby products, manufacturers are making more eco-friendly disposables.